Floating lagoon covers

For covering a slurry lagoon, the Genap floating cover, a custom-made cover made of reinforced foil, is an excellent solution. Rainwater that collects on the cover can be pumped off. Depending on the annual precipitation, this could provide an effective increase in the usable volume by about 30%. We install mixing hatches, service openings and special floats for gas discharge on site during assembly.

Technische gegevens
Technische gegevens
Genatex 900, Kiwa- certified reinforced PVC film
Anchoring of the sheet by means of a trench in the crest of the dike
Degassing drain on inner slope
Floaters for degassing integrated in the cover
Available in green and grey
Complies with Dutch construction guidelines for slurry lagoons
10-year warranty period (diminishing)
Reference date 10 years
Komo-Kiwa certificate K96681/02 in accordance with BRL 2342
Available in other Kiwa-certified foils such as Genatex 1150
Mixing hatches in various sizes
Applying a lagoon mixer under the floating cover
Lagoon mixers with protective cage, this prevents the cover from being pulled into the mixer
Prefab HDPE mix and service hatches in floating cover
Installation of several large and small floaters for degassing possible


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