Floating silo covers

A floating cover is made to measure

Looking for an affordable system to cover your silo? In that case, we recommend a floating cover.

For silo constructions that cannot support a tensioned cover, a floating cover is an excellent alternative. The custom-made cover floats on the slurry and goes up and down with the slurry volume. Rainwater collected on the cover can be pumped off, allowing optimum use of the storage system.

Mixing hatch

It is possible to have a mixing hatch fitted in new or existing floating covers. Such an opening makes it possible to mix the slurry from outside, ideal for storage systems with a floating cover. The mix hatch frame is made of an impact-resistant PE tube. The lid is recessed, making it virtually impossible for it to blow loose. Mixing hatches, service openings and special floats for gas discharge are installed on site during assembly.

Technische gegevens
Technische gegevens
Made of Kiwa certified reinforced PVC foil 900 gr/m2
Mounted on a ø 160 mm radiused floating cover tube
Floats are mounted under the floating cover for degassing
Complies with Dutch construction guidelines for slurry storage
10-year warranty period (diminishing)
Reference date 10 years
Komo-kiwa certificate K96681/02 in accordance with BRL 2342
Mixing hatch for mixing from outside
Also available in other types of Kiwa certified foil


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