Suspended structure


If a middle column is not desirable, for example because a certain free span is required, you can opt for a construction of stainless steel trusses over which a prefabricated geomembrane cover is tensioned, the Genatop®. This type of cover can be used for every kind of silo, from small to large, rotating, round, square or rectangular shaped and fitted with or without walkways or platforms.

Technische gegevens
Technische gegevens
Diameter up to 40 metres
Use of high grade 304/316 stainless steel for the steel construction
tatic calculation based on local standards for wind and snow loads
Silo cover made of reinforced PVC foil 900 - 1100 gr/m2
Tensioning by means of stainless steel ratchets
Complete project engineering including assembly on site
Manholes and service hatches possible
Connection of the structure to existing walkways and platforms possible


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