Dairy farm Schouten-Gijsen | Lopik

Jul 2021

Mesh-panel silo

Genap installed a mesh silo at a dairy farm. Until recently, storage space was rented elsewhere, but with an eye to the future, it was time for the company to have its own storage.

With a height of 3 metres and a diameter of 13.15 metres, the silo has a volume of 407 m³. To make it easier to mix the slurry, a mixing hatch has been installed in the floating cover of the slurry silo. All of this has been realised without a permit.

“It was a hot day but the cooperation went smoothly and in less than a day a silo of more than 400 m³ has been put down.”

Ko Schouten, owner dairy farm Schouten-Gijsen
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