Dairy farm | Zoetermeer

Dec 2021

Steel mesh silo with slurry mixer

Genap installed a mesh silo of almost 1,000 m³ at a dairy farm with a mixer through the side wall.

For cost reasons, the customer opted for a mesh silo, which is much cheaper than a concrete silo.  Moreover, no costs need to be made for a pile foundation.

The mixer running through the side wall offers a big advantage over a mixing hatch in that the customer can mix the slurry himself and is not dependent on a contractor. This allows him to mix more often and produce a more homogeneous slurry. Moreover, he saves the cost of hiring, so that he recovers the mixer’s price in about 2.5 years.

Het is goed zaken doen met de mensen van Genap. Fijne jongens, zowel van verkoop als montage

Martin Spruit, eigenaar melkveehouderij


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