Silo mixers

Why opt for a silo mixer? In order to be able to mix well, a lot of capacity is required. The silo mixer can mix the contents of silos up to 30 metres in diameter smoothly and thoroughly. Are the walls sufficiently sturdy? Then we can install the silo mixer in all steel, concrete and wooden silos. The silo mixer can be installed in both new and existing silos.

Technische gegevens
Technische gegevens
Length: 3,200 mm
Adjustable nozzle
Horizontal wall bushing with bearings
Drive shaft: galvanized tube 102 mm
Oil-lubricated maintenance-free bearings.
Impeller diameter: 3 bladed 560 mm
Paint: impeller machine paint, drive shaft and nozzle fully galvanised
Capacity 3,350 m³ /hour at 540 rpm
Required power: 51 kW/70 hp in normal conditions, 58 kW/80 hp in extreme conditions
Max. rotational speed: 1,000 rpm
Very high capacity
Mixer always on hand
No installation of power supply required


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