Concrete silo

More and more livestock farmers are opting for a concrete slurry silo. Why? A concrete slurry silo has a large storage capacity. Concrete is durable, is not easily damaged and is easy to maintain. The slurry silos are manufactured out of pre-stressed concrete elements which are fully re-stressed after installation. As standard, the silo is equipped with a central filler/discharge pipe, a loading station and a tensioned cover. The dimensions are, of course, tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Technische gegevens
Technische gegevens
Heights: 4; 5; 6 en 6,75 metres
Capacity: 227 to 5,600 m³
Diameter: 8.5 metres (18 elements) – 31.5 metres (66 elements)
Vertical, pre-stressed concrete elements with a standard width of 1,51 m and a thickness of 130-160 mm
Prefab concrete elements with concrete grade C45/55 and exposure class XC4; XD3; XF3 and XA3
Optional: floating cover in the silo or tensioned cover over the silo
Discharge station ø 315-160 mm, other versions available
Complies with Dutch construction guidelines for slurry storage
10 year warranty (diminishing)
Reference date 20 years
Komo-Kiwa certificate K92869/03 in accordance with BRL 2342
Floating cover or tensioned cover over the silo. Tensioned cover made out of PVC coated membrane
Electric mixer
Thrusting mixer through the side with adjustable head
Inspection hatch
Filler pipe over the edge
Return line


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