Steel mesh storage silo

Do you need additional storage for slurry, clean or dirty water? In that case, we recommend the mesh silo. It is quick to set up and relatively easy to move. The mesh silo can be used to store various liquids including slurry, clean and dirty water.

The Genap mesh silo is constructed from hot-dip galvanised elements that are linked to each other to create a strong, stable wall construction with HDPE foil on the inside in combination with a slurry silo lining. The silo is extremely suitable for placement on less load-bearing substrates; a concrete foundation is not always necessary

Genap offers several options for covering the mesh silo.

Technische gegevens
Technische gegevens
Height 3 metres
Inner wall protected with black HDPE sheet 1.5 mm
Capacity 194 to 2,418 m3
Use of high quality steel; durable galvanised metal parts
Silo liners and floating cover made of Kiwa certified PVC foil
Discharge station ø 250-160 mm, other versions available
Complies with Dutch construction guidelines for slurry storage
10 year warranty (diminishing)
Reference date 10 years
Komo-Kiwa certificate K108076-01 in accordance with BRL 2342
Also available in other Kiwa certified foils
Mixing hatch for mixing from the outside
Electric mixer
Adjustable stainless steel nozzle
Filler pipe over the edge
Return line
Discharge station also available in other versions


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