Tensioned silo cover

The Genap tensioned cover is specially developed as an emission-reducing cover and is perfect for covering your concrete, steel or wooden tanks. This made to measure product is sturdy, maintenance-free, durable and resistant to slurry and other aggressive liquids.

For access to the silo, the tension cover can be provided with one or more manholes. Prior to assembly, our experts meticulously measure the silo to ensure a perfect fit. The tensioned cover is supported by a hardwood central column and tensioned by stainless steel tensioners. The inside is fitted with a condensation flap so that condensation does not drain off along the side walls of the silo.  As standard, the tension cover is equipped with two manholes (safety requirement) of 1×1 metre; this makes it easy to mix the slurry from outside.

Technische gegevens
Technische gegevens
Tensioned cover of Kiwa certified reinforced PVC foil 900 gr/m2
Available in the colours grey and green
Stainless steel dish
Stainless steel tensioners, which can be re-tensioned
Galvanised or stainless steel volant pipe
Standard inclination angle 17°, other inclination angles possible on request
Complies with Dutch construction guidelines for slurry storage
10-year warranty period (diminishing)
Reference date 10 years
Komo-Kiwa certificate K95985/05 in accordance with BRL 2342
Suitable for covering concrete, steel or wooden silos
Pipe transits in tensioned cover
Manholes 1x1m as standard, other sizes on request


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