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May 2021

Tensioned cover for concrete slurry silo

Genap installed a tensioned cover on a concrete slurry silo for an agricultural company.  This completely covers the slurry silo, so that rainwater cannot run into the silo and does not need to be pumped out, which is the case with a floating cover. Moreover, mixing the slurry is easier with a tensioned cover.

With this tensioned cover, the client complies with the new and stricter Dutch regulations on slurry storage, which stipulate that all slurry silos and lagoons must be covered.

Genap has installed a mesh silo with a return line at a dairy farm. A mesh silo was chosen on account of its favourable price in comparison to a concrete silo.

The silo is equipped with a return line through which the slurry can run back into the slurry pit. This has the advantage that the slurry can be loaded with the slurry tanker’s pump arm, allowing much faster spreading of the manure.

To make it easier to mix the manure, a mixing hatch has been placed in the floating cover of the slurry silo.


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